Green Milk’s Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Recommendations

It’s ‘that’ time of the year again. It always seems to be ‘that’ time of the year. Edinburgh Fringe wakes up for another year. The monster’s skin tightens and the players are attracted in their 1000’s in an attempt to slay the beast and rid it of her power on the land. To reveal the pink belly in us, the grim, the joyous, the valuable. There are millions of shows basically.

But who do you see?

With such an insane plethora of shows on offer, it’s impossible (and stupid) to see everything. Luckily for you, the Green Milk Men have put together their definitive list of ‘must-see’, ‘must-smell’, ‘must-taste’ (but don’t touch) shows at the Fringe this August. Get your snorkel on and dive the fuck in to our Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Recommendations List.

Best Free Shows Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Looking to save on cash to spend at the bar? ‘Course you are. Well that’s alright, we don’t mind, we’re not your accountants. And just ‘cos we’re a couple of lovely lads we’ve created this list of our top free Edinburgh Fringe 2017 recommendations. Take it easy swoldiers and have a drink for us.

Richard Todd Edinburgh 2017

Richard Todd (Ol’ Toddy) is a comedian we love. Everything about his visceral style of storytelling is compelling to be a part of. He returns to the Fringe with his second show, promising to highlight his aches, pains and unique voice.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House (13:00)

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John-Luke Roberts: Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair! (All in Caps)

John-Luke Roberts has a wonderful knack for memorable and inventive Edinburgh Shows. He has a strong cult following and it’s easy to see why. Deeply twisted characters and a ‘proper good’ stage presence makes him always entertaining and ‘proper funny’ to boot.

Heroes @ Monkey Barrel (14:20)

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Pat Cahill Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Pat Cahill: The Fisherman

Any show of Pat Cahill’s is always a delight to witness. It’s like he reaches into a smooth, velvet bag and pulls out a concept that demands intrigue and anticipation of his audience. His finely crafted shows must be seen with all eyes. I’ve never been fishing. Maybe we could go together?

Heroes @ Monkey Barrel (14:50)

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Christopher Bliss comedian

Christopher Bliss: Writing Wrongs

Legendary author Christopher Bliss returns for his second Edinburgh show. What he doesn’t know about writing, isn’t worth knowing. If you missed his debut last year, then where the hell were you? Huh? I mean, come on! Wonderful wordplay from great character comic Rob Carter.

Voodoo Rooms (14:55)

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sunil patel titan

Sunil Patel: Titan

You hear ‘it’ a lot. You hear ‘it’ about a lot of comedians. “I predict big things”. Most of the time, people just say it because they have nothing else to talk about, or they are hungry, or they might be upset. I dunno. However, when it comes to Sunil Patel, we can really see it. His incredibly deft delivery is so affable and always charming to watch. See him now! It’s free, idiots.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House (15:35)

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Olaf Falafel Edinburgh 2017

Olaf Falafel: The Marmosets of Mind

This guy is really silly. Tres silly – in another language. A gag heavy show that won’t give you any time to catch your breath. Olaf Falafel is Sweden’s 7th funniest comedian keeps you guessing and always constructs an enormously imaginative and entertaining show.

Laughing Horse @ The City Cafe (16:15)

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Ben Target Ed Fringe 2017Ben Target’s Orangeade

A physical comedian. A tour de force. You know a Ben Target show when you see one. Target always manages to produce a show that feels ‘different’. He is a fun, playful performer, much beloved from audiences and comedians alike.

Heroes @ Dragonfly (17:00)

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Wisecrackers Fringe Recommendation


This zany sketch trio have been going for 5 time-consuming years now. 5 years and over 5 audience members later, they are still going and who could blame them. Critics have described the aptly named Wisecrackers act as “padding” and “unnecessary”. They play at the very unpopular time of 11:45, in a room where the rumble of trains kills any sort of atmosphere.

@ The Bobcat (11:45)

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Lady Parts

Lady Parts

A one-woman show by talented and agentless actress Claudia Bates. After graduating from RADA in 2016, Claudia aims to take the Edinburgh Fringe by storm in a self-processed ‘dark comedy’. A show with bite, that isn’t afraid to “go there”, one that establishes herself in the comedy scene once and for good.

@ The D Venues (17:00)

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John Kearns 2017

John Kearns: Don’t Worry They’re Here

This is no big news. If John Kearns is putting on an Edinburgh show, you better believe people will flock to see it. Miserable sheep. He is a total original and this show (if you can get in) will be worth it. It’s dubbed a free show, but no doubt you will have to book it in now for a fiver. Reap the benefits.

Heroes @ Monkey Barrel (17:00)

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Joey Page Green Milk Comedy

Joey Page: Pretty Boy

Joey Page was on an episode of coach trip. I have browsed the internet for hours trying to find it, but to no avail. He is a loveable idiot, whose creativity (and stupidity) is always on show. He continues to hone his act into something always uplifting and genuinely worth-while. Top Man.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House (18:00)

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Jordan Brookes Edinburgh 2017

Jordan Brookes: Body of Work

Boy howdy! Do we like this guy. If you are up at the Fringe this year you won’t see a more innovative performer. Jordan Brookes’ previous two shows have been an utter delight, utterly hilarious, utterly miserable. He is the contorting, squidgy face of brilliance. Do us a favour and go see this guy will ya? 

Laughing Horse @ Finnegan’s Wake (18:15)

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Spencer Jones Edinburgh Frinde 2017

Spencer Jones: The Audition

The secrets out. Spencer Jones’ character, The Herbert, is pure joy. He draws a lot of comparisons to Mr. Bean, not just in style but in quality. The Herbert is a character made of playful and childish silliness. There isn’t a more heartening experience then seeing his shows.

Heroes @ Monkey Barrel (18:20)

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Mat Ewins Comedian Green Milk

Mat Ewins Presents Adventure Man 7: Return of Adventure Man

Mat Ewins’ comedy makes my knees hurt. His homemade animations and videos are just a stupid genius. The kind of stupid that makes you want to spit your teeth out with the lols. He is phenomenally creative and every show he makes is beautifully crafted from a surreal and distinctive mind. Total, beautiful nonsense.

Heroes @ The Hive (20:45)

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Luke McQueen The Boy With Tape On His Face

Luke McQueen: The Boy With Tape On His Face

Luke is a refreshing breath of air to the comedy scene. The breath, which also is very hot and smells funny, is a breath you trust. His breath pokes fun and his brave concepts never fail to make us laugh. The Boy with Tape on His Face – definitely gonna be a stupid show.

Heroes @ Monkey Barrel (22:40)

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Ed FRinge 2017 Recommendations Sean McLouglin

Sean McLoughlin: You Can’t Ignore Me Forever

Sean’s gritty. Sean’s a real human. He has a proper ‘voice’. This is what audiences, as well as comedians, love in him. He has always been destined for big things and his shows over the years never fail to disappoint.

City Café @ 18:45

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Anna Morris Bitchelors Ed Fringe 2017 promo

Anna Morris: Bitchelors

Anna’s show last year was praised by critics. A character comic with real intrigue and flair. Her show this year – ‘Bitchelors’ – is sure to be a wonderful array of hilarious bitch characters, capturing the essence of ‘bitch’. If you’re a bitch, then it might be worth popping along and seeing what kind of bitch you are. I want to be a bitch, but I know I’ll never be as bitchy as that girl who lives next door and puts on far too much make-up. Bitch.

15:10 @ Voodoo Rooms

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The Best Paid For Shows Edinburgh Fringe 2017

For those of you with more than a bone in your body, these paid for shows are our top Edinburgh Fringe 2017 recommended shows for a reason! Well worth parting with your hard earned cash for.

Tony Law Ed Fringe 2017

Tony Law: Absurdity For The Common People

Worth every penny. This has to be one of our favourite comedians ever. Tony Law. T Bone. T Money. Time Zone. The Law. Toned in. His absurdity is a thrilling ride and if you’re not on board he will leave you in the dust. Go see the nonsense train and then go for lunch. We love this man.

The Stand Comedy Club (12:00)

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Bec Hill Ed Fringe 2017

Bec Hill: Out of Order

Bec Hill is back at the Fringe after a year break. The festival just isn’t the same without her crafty and inventive comedy. She has a brain that squirts out some of the funniest stuff you will see. I don’t think it’s a condition, but we wish her well. Go. Watch. Enjoy.

Gilded Balloon Teviot (17:15)

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Sleeping Trees At The Movies

Sleeping Trees At The Movies

For the last three years the Sleeping Trees boys have constructed three totally amazing shows. Each one is set in a movie genre and each is as delightful as the last. Mafia? Western? Sci-fi? You decide. Their performance style is out of control and well-rounded with a one-man band. The most entertaining shows at the fringe. See all three.

Pleasance Dome (17:30)

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Lauren Pattinson: Lady Muck

There’s a lot of buzz about Lauren. Which must be a bit annoying for her, but it isn’t without justification. An upcoming comic who’s got the funny bones and natural flair that makes her so watchable.

Pleasance Courtyard (17:45)

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Evelyn Mok

Evelyn Mok: Hymen Manoeuvre

A highly anticipated debut hour for us. Evelyn’s act is really reminiscent of all the comedy America is producing at the moment. It’s daring and downright funny. She’s a risk-taker, but at the same time has such staggering control and confidence.

Pleasance Courtyard (18:00)

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Jon Pointing Ed Fringe 2017

Jon Pointing: Act Natural

Another debut hour, another talented performer. Jon’s show is being produced by Liam Williams’ company ‘Fight in the Dog’, which is already quite high praise. As seen in ‘Pls Like’ (if you haven’t watched it, watch it!), Jon is a gifted comedy actor, which is exactly what this show will touch on.

Pleasance Courtyard (19:15)

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Joseph Morpurgo Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Recommendations

Joseph Morpurgo: Hammerhead

Here at Green Milk HQ, we are very excited about Joseph Morpurgo’s new show. We maintain that his last show in 2015 – ‘Soothing Sounds for Baby’ – is one of the best hours of stand-up we have ever witnessed. From what we have seen of his new show, it is going to be a cracker. One of the best comedy brains out there. An amazing performer and writer and guy and person. Thumbs up.

Pleasance Courtyard (20:00)

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Jenny Bede Eggtime

Jenny Bede: Eggtime

Jenny Bede’s got it all. Every time we see her perform it’s astounding just how good she is. Her performances always blow the room away and her lyrics are spot on. A natural entertainer and we’re sure this show will be one of the best at the Fringe.

Pleasance Dome (20:10)

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james loveridge Ed Fringe 2017

James Loveridge: Suspiciously Happy

James Loveridge is probably the most ‘mainstream’ act we have included on our list. Which is certainly saying something. His observational brand of comedy will leave you crying with laughter. His amazing and unfortunately true stories have to be heard. He’s a real nice guy, real great comic and loveable to the bone.

Just the Tonic @ The Mash House (21:00)

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Goodbear comedy sketch act


A hot sketch duo. Goodbear are making sketch comedy fun and not in wanky way. Their nicely written gags match perfectly with their versatile and confident performance. They’ve just got the funnies. Some people do, some don’t. There is always a lot of sketch at the festival, but these guys are our top tip.

Pleasance Dome (21:40)

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adam riches april Green Milk Comedy

Adam Riches: The Inane Chicanery Of A Certain Adam GC Riches

I don’t know, mate. You just got to go. You have got to go see Adam Riches. A legendary act. He oozes originality and quality. He ropes in the audiences like no one else and dispatches them in a wild flurry. Top, top act. This has to be the show to see this Fringe. Pure entertainment.

Pleasance Dome (21:45)

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Fin Taylor Comedian

Fin Taylor: Lefty Tighty Righty Loosey

Fin’s our boy. His show last year was insanely popular and almost impossible to see. I’d book early for this one. Fin is a really talented writer who has finely captured the sense of the time we are living in. In this show he slates the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ and everyone in between. No other act feels as relevant as Fin McFin (Fin Taylor).

Just the Tonic @ The Tron (22:20)

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Patrick Turpin Comedian

Patrick Turpin: Itty Bitty Little Titty Piece

Patrick Turpin gives us a six-pack. Not through intensive personal training, but through a more unconventional technique of laughter. He loves to find the funny in the silliest and strangest ways. He also loves fine-dining, but who doesn’t?

Underbelly Cowgate (22:40)

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Fern Brady Suffer Fools

Fern Brady: Suffer, Fools!

She’s bloody Scottish. She might be the only Scottish comedian we are recommending this year. Is she? It doesn’t matter, I’m way too busy and drunk to backtrack now. Fern Brady is an exciting comedian who looks perfectly home up on stage. Her angsty rhythms are cathartic and she is a pure joy to watch.

12:05 @ The Stand

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Ed Fringe 2017 Pierre Novellie

Pierre Novellie

Pierre by name. Pierre by name. Pierre is his name and we endorse his namely product. Be swept up by the control at which Pierre crafts his sets. He is astute and carries his material with a lovely, weighty intelligence. Funny and tremendously executed jokes. His name is Pierre.

21:45 @ Pleasance Courtyard

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Phil Wang 2017 Ed Fringe

Phil Wang: Kinabalu

We love Phil Wang. The Wangatron, as he likes to be called (he doesn’t), is a force that just keeps giving. After a very successful introduction into TV, he is on the up and up. His new show ‘Kinabalu’ is sure to be utterly delightful. Go see it at all its various times. Also, Phil is also reviewing all the Asian restaurants in Edinburgh. Make sure to check that out too.

17:45, 19:00, 22:45 @ Pleasance Courtyard

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Tom Walker Comedian 2017

Tom Walker: Bee Boo

We don’t know much about this guy. But we like that. His show has arrived in Edinburgh as a ‘Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017 Best Show Nominee’. He is meant to be unique, silly and weird. We don’t just hope it’s weird, but gross too. We hope it rains shit or something, or maybe he turns himself inside out. Worth a look for sure.

20:00 @ Underbelly

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Phoebe Walsh Ed Fringe 2017

Phoebe Walsh: I’ll Have What She’s Having

Life huh? What a drag. You either on the train or you’re not. Wrong. We’re all on the train guys and Phoebe knows its destination and all the stops. Trains aside, Phoebe is exciting performer with an edge. She’s alternative and just what we like. Go see her show about life and trying to figure it all out.

21:30 @ Pleasance Courtyard

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And so concludes Green Milk’s Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Recommendations. Pretty bloody banging list really. Think you know any better? Leave your nonsense in the comments below big boy.

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