Green Milk With Lou Sanders Was Epic

Well, it might seem like we should have done this weeks ago, but we didn’t, so now we are which makes you thinking that fairly redundant. Ooo, that came across a tad more bitchy than it was meant to…


Let’s start again.


Hey, have a seat, take off your shoes and take a sip of that mimosa you sassy, sexy super sweet sort, you. The fourth Green Milk took place on election night, which meant that it wasn’t as great a turn out as most, what with all the little hearts that had to be broken by thinking that their vote even mattered. Of course, being Londoners we forgot that the rest of the country is full of self centred conservative prats, but, well, that doesn’t matter any more as we sit back and watch our society crumble and those in the public sector get royally buggered.


That said, here are some pictures of what you forlorn dreamers missed out on, or didn’t miss… depending on whether you were there or not.


Opening was the fabulous musical comedian Rob Carter, who can be seen below crooning to his baying audience.


Rob Carter Musical Comedian


He also came wearing a ‘Justin Bieber’.


Rob Carter Wears Justin Beiber


Seemingly angered by the fact that life is even a thing, Ahir Shah’s brand of no holds barred comedy shouted its way through to everyone’s childhood memories.


Ahir Shah London Comedy Green Milk


This was taken just before he dropped the mic and exited stage left.
Ahir Shah Comedy London


Joshua Ross tried out a new stance, which was rated a 9.2 out of 10 by our panel of stance judges, losing points for his angular thumb placement.


Jewish Comedian OF The Year


His more traditional stance was received well, but not perhaps as well as  he might have imagined it to be. His jokes were funny though.


Joshua Ross London Comedian


In walked the bearded, be-wigged, Matthew Kelly who tenderly read out childhood memories.


Karl Schultz As Matthew Kelly


Here Matthew reminisced about that time he won a Judo competition. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house that night.


Matthew Kelly (Karl Schultz)


Orry Gibbens’ grin charmed the pants off of every one in the room, looking like he shat in the Queen’s purse.


Orry Gibbens Comedian


Here he was telling people about how much he hated them, that smug, sexy bastard.


Orry Gibbens Comedian Green Milk


Then it was over to Lou Sanders who decided to read from a book for a while. It was a lovely book though.


Lou Sanders Comedy London


Also this.


MC Robin Hill Comedian


So as you can see it was a bloody excellent night full of beautiful, smart, funny and creative people, unlike the voting booths which were filled with sunken eyed, engorged liver, bottom feeders. You don’t want to be one of them do you?


No, I thought not. So you better come along to our next night…



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