The Green Milk Challenge – Day 3

Did you know that, if you don’t get the problem looked at, your brain is probably¬†95% toxins? These toxins are the cause of insomnia, that ringing noise in your ears and those children’s screams that you just can’t shake off until you’ve had your first coffee in the morning.


Worse than that though, these toxins have been known to mingle with the words if your head and can often transform into the lowest of the low – slam poetry. In rare cases, people have been known to lead good, wholesome and enjoyable lives – have children and jobs and know how to make moussaka – only to wake up one morning and decide to throw away all of their dignity and perform at slam poetry nights in Notting Hill. Can you imagine dealing with such horror? Worst of all, they don’t even realise there’s something wrong until too late.


Thankfully our science department has worked extra hard to ensure that our Green Milk can rid you of something like 100% of these toxins. Hail Hydra!

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