The Green Milk Challenge – Day 4

Blood pouring from your face for 24 hours would normally be a bad thing, however, there are exceptions and this is one of them. Plus if you don’t like blood pouring from your face that doesn’t make you very metal which is totes lame, man.


I remember when I was a younger, more toothy man, I found myself drifting lazily along the banks of the canal minding my own business, thinking about trucks or something, when I came across a young woman sat on the bench, headphones on and eyes fixed on the rippling wake of a barge. I approached her without hesitation and said, “excuse me, m’am, but can you please tell me where I can find some crystal meth?” She did and that’s when my teeth started falling out.


But don’t worry about that now, it’s day force of the Green Milk Challenge, and Robin is fitter and healthier than he, or I, have ever been.

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