The Green Milk Challenge – Day 30

I know what you’re all thinking. Did Robign die in those 7 days that he went missing for? Did he always have a silent ‘g’ in his name? Did Amelia Earhart really discover America after being told to avoid the Bermuda Triangle by Stonehenge?


Well let’s start at the end and work our way back.


1. Yes. It is a little known secret that Amelia and Stonehenge were really good friends who text each other like alllllllll the time. And as we all know Stonehenge made the earth so of course it knew about America before everyone else did. So one day Stonehenge was bored of America never being talked about on Sky TV, and decided to have the whole Sky Atlantic thing happen because he was dead keen on the Game of Thrones show happening so he sent Amelia off with a packed lunch and a map.


Oh, also he turned the Bermuda Triangle off for a bit so that she could get there safely, because he was cool like that.


Anyway, Amelia found America and was totes excite to come back and tell everyone so she got back in her plane to come over here and get the ball rolling. It was somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, when she was Whatsapp’ing her home boys, that she accidentally dropped her phone into the sea and had to retrieve it. Unfortunately that was the same time that a big thing like from Pacific Rim came up through the ocean and ate her so now she lives inside of it. Stonehenge has blamed himself ever since and taken a vow of silence, which explains that whole thing too I suppose.




3. Not physically. But some say that he never did recover from that illness. But then again some modern doctors say that illness doesn’t really exist, but then again some people say that we don’t even exist or that Pokemon isn’t real so you can’t trust people really.


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