13 Times Michael Keaton Was Thinking About Birds When He Should Have Been Doing Other Things


Birdman? More like Birdfan.


He just can’t help himself. Whether it’s over his morning coffee, or as he lies shivering in his girlfriend’s sweet embrace, Michael Keaton simply can’t stop thinking about birds. 


Though not often caught on film, here we have 13 classic moments in which Micael Keaton was thinking about birds, when really he should have been doing something else.

That time he was supposed to be thinking Bruce Wayne things, but was wondering why birds can’t have the same rights as people instead.

Michael Keaton Batman Loves Birds

That time he was supposed to be doing an interview, but instead remembered the summers day on which he saw his first Eagle Hawk.

Michael Keaton Staring At Birds

That time he was supposed to be giving an awards speech, but couldn’t stop thinking about the wingspan of the Great Egret.


Michael Keaton Condor Love

That time he was being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, but he was suddenly struck by thoughts of two spiralling Black Winged Kite.


Michael Keaton Birds Interviews

That time he was supposed to be popping to the shops to buy milk, but couldn’t stop thinking about how small the mouths of birds actually are instead.


Micheal Keaton Bird Mouth

That time he was supposed to be commentating on a race, but he started thinking about how cool it is that birds simply exist.

Michael Keaton Needs Birds

That time he was asked what his favourite number is, but he was really waving at a Robin.


Keaton Wants 5 Birds

That time he was showing off his new neck, but he had a flashback to a Mexican standoff he had with two Egyptian Vultures.


Michael Keaton bird eyes

That time he was trying to read Dr Seuss, but instead wondered whether he could make his eyebrows look like wings.


Michael Keaton Has Bird Eyebrows

That time he was at a casino and he started thinking about how he would flirt with a bird if he saw one.


Michael Keaton Floating With Birds

That time he was driving a car and started the regurgitation process for his nest of Starling.


Michael Keaton Drives A Bird Car

That time he should have been kissing the hottest woman on the planet, but he was struck by the realisation that birds don’t have chins.

 Kim Basinger Isn't a Bird


That time he was at a funeral and he got the idea to put bird stickers on his glasses so whenever he looked up he could see birds even if it was cloudy.


Michael Keaton's Bird Glasses

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