Trapped In The Closet

Remember when R Kelly pee’d on a girl? No? It seems not many people do.


(ED note: legally this is as much as my lawyer will allow me to say)


Well, regardless, he managed to bounce back and, having created the first Hip-Hopera and blueprint on how to combine wardrobe fittings, repressed homosexual euphemisms and high drama, you could almost be forgiven for saying that he can wee on whoever he wants to.




I mean, I’d be pretty annoyed if he wee’d on my dog or my mum – I don’t think any form of harmonious R’n’B/rap melodrama could get me to forgive him for that.


Anyway, live up that early 2000’s nostalgia that only 90’s kids will get 80% of the time below and forget about that niggling longing for company that festers inside of you:


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