The Green Milk Challenge – Day 18

People always say, “I’m giving up ‘giving up’”. But no they’re not, they’re not giving up anything. What they’re really doing is making themselves sound better to themselves. It’s like sitting on the tube with “A Brief History of Time” in order to make yourself look better. Pretending that that beautiful bespectacled woman with flowing red hair thinks that you’re anything other

Green Milk Challenge – Day 11, 12 and 13

The days seem to endlessly drift into one another. Nights become nothing but the slow blinks of your eye lids and the urge to breath becomes a lacklustre attempt of your body to remind you that you’re in this for the long haul. That’s what happens when you drink normal milk anyway. In our documentary below you will see

The Green Milk Challenge – Day 5

And I’ll tell you another thing. Why would we be making Green Milk if it wasn’t good for you? What would be the point of that? You need to stop calling here, ok kid?! We’ve had enough of your shi… Oh, hi. I didn’t see you come in there. What? This? Oh, I was just going to cut some bamboo

The Green Milk Challenge – Day 4

Blood pouring from your face for 24 hours would normally be a bad thing, however, there are exceptions and this is one of them. Plus if you don’t like blood pouring from your face that doesn’t make you very metal which is totes lame, man. I remember when I was a younger, more toothy man, I found myself drifting

The Green Milk Challenge – Day 3

Did you know that, if you don’t get the problem looked at, your brain is probably 95% toxins? These toxins are the cause of insomnia, that ringing noise in your ears and those children’s screams that you just can’t shake off until you’ve had your first coffee in the morning. Worse than that though, these toxins have been known to

The Green Milk Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 of the challenge and our test subject friend and colleague Robin is experiencing the useful effects of Green Milk, such as re-memory – a process by which you remember things that you hadn’t though of for many, many years. This is because Green Milk re-links your brain cells and causes you to re-experience those things that happened

The Green Milk Challenge – Day 1

We’ve received a lot of emails from avid dairy enthusiasts and Wright Stuff watchers keen to know more about the health benefits of our delicious new delirium, Green Milk. As you are probably already aware, we have gained a lot of press from the National Dairy Council who are trying to slate our products because they’re scared of change. But we’re

Mac & Charlie Staring At Each Other

Have you ever locked eyes on someone when you were trying to avoid their gaze, only to end up in some kind of perpetual reality? This one time I didn’t snap out of it for 26 years and when I did I had to fight a lion and there were these two kids there and my parent’s shoe factory had

Ricky And Morty

“What about the reality where Hitler cured cancer, Morty? The answer is: Don’t think about it.” The adventures of super genius Rick and his young-boy accomplice is a real life documentary about travelling between different dimensions and fighting creatures you won’t believe exist – but definitely do! If you watched ‘Interstellar’ and thought, “you know what, this is incredibly realistic

Time Out Comedy Recommended

Milkos and Milkettes. We are absolutely delighted to announce that our first night starring Tony Law has been recommended by Time Out London as one of the stand out comedy nights in town! This is the best possible way we could have begun our night, what with all this Green Milk we have been drinking, we’re not entirely sure whether