Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you made a film with like 400 lions and tigers and just like punched them and rode a motorcycle around them a lot? Well wonder no longer, because they’ve made it… Now, your next question might be, “why did they make this?” But that’s a ridiculous question because the answer

Green Milk #1 Tony Law Was Wild!

Well, what happened?! We don’t quite know! We put on a comedy night and then people came and the comedians came and everyone had a great time and went home. We were not expecting that kind of success from our first night and were well and truly blown away by quite how amazing the turn out was. We want

The Green Milk Challenge – Day 30

I know what you’re all thinking. Did Robign die in those 7 days that he went missing for? Did he always have a silent ‘g’ in his name? Did Amelia Earhart really discover America after being told to avoid the Bermuda Triangle by Stonehenge? Well let’s start at the end and work our way back. 1. Yes. It is

The Green Milk Challenge – Day 23

It’s every young boy’s dream to play for their favourite football team – to smell the crows and find fish deep in the wells of their hearts. But for most children this never happens. Instead they end up going to a big scary high school where they develop insecurities in droves. Red brick buildings where they watch their peers’

Featured In Le Cool London

You know what’s cool? We’re cool. You know why we’re cool? Because we were featured in Le Cool London. Do you know what that means for our street cred? It means everything. The hive for all of London’s hottest and most interesting nights, we’re like totes up there and absolutely the coolest thing to ever have happened. Finally

The Green Milk Challenge – Day 22

Following our theme of, well, of R Kelly, Robin’s brief trip to another dimension has resulted in his assimilation into what can only be described as ‘the greatest song never told’. Some people say music is the language of the soul and never has that been truer in the case of this medley between our test subject and the R’n’B artist,

Trapped In The Closet

Remember when R Kelly pee’d on a girl? No? It seems not many people do. (ED note: legally this is as much as my lawyer will allow me to say) Well, regardless, he managed to bounce back and, having created the first Hip-Hopera and blueprint on how to combine wardrobe fittings, repressed homosexual euphemisms and high drama, you could